Framework is a boutique fitness studio that offers a unique blend of Lagree™ and active physiotherapy. Lagree is a highly intensive full-body muscle endurance training carried out on the Megaformer™. The method focuses on activating slow-twitch muscle fibers, building core strength and lean muscle mass, increasing the afterburn effect for up to 24 hours after training.
We offer group classes, personal training, and physiotherapy sessions with a modern approach, empowering you.

PT & Physiotherapy
Teacher Training
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First Timer
€35 (2x)


5 Classes
€160 (€32)

10 Classes
€290 (€29)

20 Classes
€520 (€26)

Our first-timer special is valid for two weeks, during which you can book two classes. The two-week period begins after your first booking. If you wish to attend an earlier class, you must cancel your initial booking before rescheduling. Please note that this package cannot be shared.

A single session is valid for one month. All other packages are valid for six months. You can book classes online or in-studio.


Mini Membership
€135 (6x/month)

Mega Membership
€210 (10x/month)

10 for Members
€220 (10x)

Discover the numerous benefits of a regular Lagree practice and become part of our unique Framework community. Choose between 6 or 10 classes per month and and benefit from our best price per class offers. You can enhance your monthly class allocation with our exclusive 10 for members package.

Our membership plans are valid for six months and are extended automatically each month,  granting you the option to pause once for up to 4 weeks. You can only book our memberships and the 10 for members pass by email to or at the studio.