Framework is a boutique fitness studio that offers a unique blend of Lagree™ and active physiotherapy. Lagree is a highly intensive full-body muscle endurance training carried out on the Megaformer™. The method focuses on activating slow-twitch muscle fibers, building core strength and lean muscle mass, increasing the afterburn effect for up to 24 hours after training.
We offer group classes, personal training, and physiotherapy sessions with a modern approach, empowering you.

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FOH: LOUISE (she/her) 
    I love Lagree...because in my opinion there’s no better workout to achieve mind-muscle connection and even though your body is working super hard it feels meditative
    One random fact about meI’ve been living in Berlin for 10 years but I’m originally from tiny Luxembourg
    Music style:  techno for dancing, working out and running around town, otherwise a wild mix of everything
  Favourite exercise: Plank to pike & anything arms!
FOH: AMBER (they/them)
    I love Lagree... because I love how deceptively challenging it is! How tangible the results are - you get such a clear sense of the strength you are building and how it shows up - not only in your Lagree classes, but in every other form of training you do as well. It's such a great compliment to any routine.
    One random fact about me : I have a habit of moving to places l've never visited.. but it turned out pretty well with Berlin!
    Music style: Anything with a lil' sass.
  Favourite exerciseFavourite exercise: The spoon + Plank to pike.

CELIA (she/they)
    I love Lagree... because it’s the most satisfying and challenging workout I’ve tried. I can push myself, but not worry that I will cause an injury.
    One random fact about me: If I had a mini pet pig I would name her/him Gilbert
    Music style: RnB, Synth PoP, Classical
    Favourite exercise: Kneeling inner thighs & Plank to pike
JUNI (she/her)
    I love Lagree... because it’s challenging, it covers all important movement patterns in their multidimensional ways and is my base for feeling strong and in control of my body.
    One random fact about me: I’m afraid of ladybugs
    Music style: Indie, Soul/R&B and Classics
  Favourite exercise:
The reverse giant kneeling crunch

KIKA (she/her)
     I love Lagree... because it’s pushes me to my limits and calms me down at the same time.
    One random fact about me: I am unbelievably clumsy and have a weakness for anything french
   Music styleRnB, Psychedelic Pop, Afro House
   Favourite exercise: Express lunge, Plank to pike
 LEA (she/her)
     I love Lagree...because I fell in
love from the very first class, and I believe in love at first sight
  One random fact about meI was attacked by a lynx (don’t ask 😅😉)
  Music style: during workouts and while teaching (I love listening to girl Pop), and in private, I listen to what I love. There is no clear direction.
    Favourite exercise: hard to say.. Kneeling Crunch and Elevator Lunge

LISANNE (she/her)
     I love Lagree... because it helps me feel so connected to my body and what it’s capable of. I can push myself to my absolut limit without ever losing touch to myself psychically and mentally.
    One random fact about me: I have a habit of misplacing or loosing all of my material possessions
   Music style: Everything 2000, RnB & Hip Hop
    Favourite exercise: One sided wheelbarrow, any deep lunge variation
SHAILAN (she/her)
     I love Lagree... because it benefits my day to day life and makes me feel unstoppable.
   One random fact about me: tell me everything about your dog. I am obsessed.
  Music style:  Everything Beyonce, Hiphop, Funky House & RnB
    Favourite exercise: Deep Lunge & Planks

PAULA (she/her)
     I love Lagree... because It is the most effective workout I have ever done, is for everyone and strengthens the entire body in a healthy and sustainable way.
    One random fact about me:   I'm still expecting my late letter to go to Hogwarts 
  Music style:   I love R&B, Grime, Jazz... anything vibey!
    Favourite exercise:   Anything legs and abs
SARAH (she/her)
I love Lagree... because I love movement & progression
    One random fact about me: I 💜 Spaghetti Eis
    Music style:  
Lo-Fi, all around 120bpm, 90s HipHoP
  Favourite exercise: 
Super Lunge

PAULI (she/her)
     I love Lagree... because it pushes me to my mental and physical limits, zones me out and lets me forget the world for 50 minutes.
    One random fact about me:  I can always tell you where to get the best coffee in town
    Music style:   R&B/ Soul, Pop
    Favourite exercise: Curtsy Lunge

PHILINE (she/her)
     I love Lagree... because it’s the healthiest addiction I ever came across.
    One random fact about me: I drink bone broth like it’s water
    Music style:  2000s, anything Britney and Madonna, Kygo & Fred Again
    Favourite exercise
Bungee Kicks (Hello 🍑)

SAMAI (she/her)
     I love Lagree... because it pushes me to my limits and I can grow beyond myself.
    One random fact about me: in Summer I live to 50% of Watermelon
   Music style: 
Italo Disco, Techno, Rnb and Jazz
    Favourite exercise: Standing inner thighs

MARGOT (she/her)
    I love Lagree...because it is my mood booster, allowing me to challenge my physical and mental limits one shake at a time.
    One random fact about me: I am fluent in four languages (Italian, French, German and English).
    Music style:  Electro, Pop, Rock, Rap... - I am eclectic.
  Favourite exercise: Curtsy Lunge and Kneeling Lat Pulldown

ANNA (she/her)
     I love Lagree... because it allows me to get out of my head like nothing else, while I can still be super present (and enjoy every shake).
  One random fact about mePotatoes are my fave veggie - so versatile!
  Music style: anything electronic, from Liquid DnB over Trance to Techno.
    Favourite exercise:
French Twist, or anything obliques really!
SASHA (she/her)
    I love Lagree... because it energizes and grounds me and the same time. The burn feeling leaves you wanting more each time.
    One random fact about me: my parents registered my birthday on Sep 25th instead of Oct 25th.
    Music style: Deep & Afro House
  Favourite exercise: 
Curtsy Lunge

NADEEN (she/her)
     I love Lagree...because not only is it a physical workout but it’s a mental one as well. I feel challenged every single time I walk into a class and accomplished every single time I walk out.
  One random fact about me: I used to play soccer professionally for 10 years.
  Music style: 90’s/2000’s, House, Pop, RnB, Disco
    Favourite exercise:
The reverse giant soul train
DIYA (she/her)
    I love Lagree...because it's efficient. It is both a cardiovascular and muscle-building workout which is perfect for busy people and moms like me.
    One random fact about me:
Just one? I was bitten by a lion.
    Music style: Deep House, Techno, throwbacks, stuff with a strong rhythm
  Favourite exercise: Any sort of Wheelbarrow x Cobra or Push Up combo 🌶️